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AAD Professionalism and Ethics Committee Request

As a member of the dermatology community, the Professionalism and Ethics Committee is asking you to join them in taking the updated, five-part professionalism and ethics pledge, now ratified by the Academy’s Board of Directors.

Professionalism and Ethics Pledge
In acting as a dermatologist, I will strive to:
1. Put my patients’ welfare above other interests;
2. Provide care that adheres to professional standards of practice;
3. Provide care for those in need;
4. Foster collegiality, through my interaction with the medical community; and
5. Support diversity, equity and inclusion.

Take the pledge today.

Please note:
• The pledge is voluntary;
• It does not represent strict or unattainable rules of behavior, but rather sets a basic framework for an ethical practice of dermatology – and for discussion of ethical issues that arise in the field;
• Most fundamentally, the pledge symbolizes our commitment, as dermatologists, to professionalism; and
• Demonstrating this commitment is more important now than ever before.

If you have any questions, please contact the Professionalism & Ethics Committee.



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